Guidelines for Gatherings

Lightstreet United Methodist Church COVID Plans


During Yellow Phase:  All worship will be online, emailed, and mailed to members.


During Green Phase: Worship will begin Sunday, June 28th at 9am.


We ask that high risk individuals should continue to shelter in place until they feel it is safe to return.


We will offer one service held in the Lighthouse at 9:00am. And entrance will be only through the back door so the greeter may count people coming in (no contact with greeter) and the greeter can take their names and contact information (in case we have to notify anyone of an infection).


We will limit the number of people entering to 150, which is 50% of what our room allows.


We will ask congregants to bring masks and sanitizer from home, but we will provide masks and sanitizing stations for those who do not have their own upon entrance to the Lighthouse.


All trash cans will be open in the worship area and in the bathrooms.


We will ask people to bring their own lawn chairs that they will take home after the service.

We will offer seating for those who forget, which will keep the cleaning down to a minimum regarding seats.


There will be no shaking of hands or hugging.


There will be no bulletins or registration pads.


No food or beverages will be offered. The water fountain will be covered. People can bring their own, but no sharing. If you spill the food or drink, you are responsible for cleaning it up.


There will be an open box for offering posted in the back of the sanctuary space, in the middle of the rows.


Offering counters will be provided gloves and will meet in the large classroom in the lighthouse to count.


No nursery will be offered, all Sunday school rooms will be locked during the service.


The children will remain seated with their families during the children’s time.


The Praise Band will be limited to 5 performers on the stage and spread out. Musicians who do not sing will wear masks.

Chairs for the congregation will be set 12 feet away from the stage so no droplets from the singers will be spread.

Humming to the songs can occur, but not singing at this point, until we hear it is okay to sing with masks on or otherwise. (Words will not be on the screen as temptation). When the band is not playing, all members will be masked and can take their seats in the congregation.


The pastor and liturgists will be masked. However, the pastor can take the mask off to preach the sermon if the pastor is at least 12 feet away from the closest group of congregants.


All mikes used will need to be cleaned by the person using them that day. Cleaning wipes will be provided and easily accessed for the users.


At this time, no Sunday school programs for children and youth will be offered at the church.


Both kitchens will remain closed. No communal beverages or food will be offered.


Communion will consist of prepackaged wafers and juice cups that can be picked up the Sunday we offer communion, as members come in the Lighthouse.


Services will continue to be mailed and emailed to members, as well as posted on Facebook Live, accessed through the Church’s website.


Following the service, janitorial staff will clean the worship room, doorways, and bathrooms, with first soap and water, then second, disinfectant, wearing disposable gloves, disposable ponchos, and disposable masks, provided by the church.


On Campus Bible study:

-Pastor Ron will lead a Bible study each week, limiting numbers to 10 people in each group. Tuesdays at 10:00 in the large classroom in the Lighthouse. 

-Registration is required.

-Participants are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs. Metal chairs will be offered for those who forget.

-Take attendance with a first name and phone number in case they have to be reached due to a possible infection.

-No use of the kitchen

-No sharing of food or beverage


Online Bible studies will continue to be offered as groups want.


Outside Groups using the facilities: will have to sign a User’s Agreement and will have to agree to the following:

-No use of the kitchens

-Participants are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs. Metal chairs will be offered for those who forget.

-Take attendance with a first name and phone number in case they have to be reached due to a possible infection.

-No communal beverages or food. (People are free to bring their own but not share).

-Upon leaving, the head of the group will need to take a disinfecting wipe (provided by the church) and wipe down the light switch and door knob on their way out.


Following the gatherings, the janitorial staff will clean the classroom, doorways, and bathrooms with soap and water and then again with disinfectant, wearing disposable gloves, disposable ponchos, and a disposable mask, provided by the church.


The LUMC Church Leadership will evaluate these guidelines at the July Council Meeting.

  January 2021  
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